Top 20 Killer KPIs to Grow Your MSP’s Bottom Line

Top 20 Killer KPIs to Grow Your MSP’s Bottom Line


Join Brian Dosal from BrightGauge and Luis Giraldo from IT Glue to learn about 20 killer KPIs that will help improve your MSP’s bottom line.

Brian cofounded BrightGauge to address the need for small businesses to consolidate data from multiple sources. Since then, he has focused deeply on how small businesses use their data to help grow their businesses.

After he started his own managed services business, Ook Enterprises, Luis was challenged with documenting his clients’ information systematically and transparently, and finally developed a SaaS app called Monkey Box. In 2017, Monkey Box was acquired by IT Glue, and Luis was named IT Glue’s VP, Product, taking on the responsibility of growing and improving the world’s best documentation platform.

Luis and Brian have put their heads together, tapping into their extensive experience in the MSP business, and come up with the top KPIs that, when optimized, are going to drive your bottom line.

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