Many MSPs started as break/fix shops or product resellers, and worked hard to build a true Managed Services model. But the journey is far from over; technology life cycles are getting increasingly shorter, and the “Next-Gen MSP” keeps rising. Change is the only constant, and it is inevitably getting faster. Yet amongst this change, the Service Leadership Index indicates that churn among the top quartile MSPs remains low. Exactly what do the top performers master that enables them to ride wave after wave of “next gen” level changes and still maintain top performance and service delivery? Join Paul Dippell, CEO of Service Leadership Inc., and Luis Giraldo, VP of Product at IT Glue for Part 1 of our “Next Gen MSP” webinar series where these industry veterans will take an intriguing and foresightful look at how MSPs are future-proofing their business by mastering the art of constant change and delivering top performance.

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