Great documentation is critical to the success of any IT team because it allows for consistent execution and process optimization.  Unfortunately, it’s not always so obvious what great documentation looks like. If you are unsure whether you’re optimizing your documentation process, this session will help answer that question.

Watch IT Glue’s Solutions Engineer, Thomas Griffith, for this how-to webinar designed for IT leaders looking to learn best practices for streamlining and standardizing documentation including, optimizing process and workflows to help streamline technician onboarding, accelerate service delivery and improve service consistency.

Attendees will learn the essential guide for optimizing process and workflow documentation within IT Glue.

Key topics for discussion will include:

  • How to centralize information silos into a single source of truth
  • How to structure and automate documentation to view always up to date information
  • How to leverage 100+ out of the box intelligence-driven templates to get started in no time

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