Grow your MSP, without the growing pains. Join guest speaker, Malcolm Newdick, Director at Riverbank, and IT Glue’s Sales Director, EMEA, Alex Ford, on Thursday 18th July at 1pm BST for our newest MSP “How To” webinar on managing growing pains in your MSP. Find out how Malcolm grew his MSP from a ‘one man band’ to one of the most successful MSPs in the country and how IT Glue helped him to do this.

During the webinar we will be discussing:

Moving from self-employed to a serious business and the challenges in building a team.
We provide valuable insight into how you can negotiate the challenges of moving from a single-person business to employing staff and learning to manage your team for profitability and efficiency.

Avoiding costly mistakes when growing to 10 people and above.
Having successfully transitioned into a profitable ‘business’ how do you then make the next step? We discuss the role of people and IT Systems within this growth phase and how you can avoid making some costly mistakes.

The only way is up!
Now that your business is ‘fully fledged’ it is time to look to the future. Malcolm Newdick and Alex Ford take you through some pivotal steps to further, more profitable growth and discuss how to boost efficiency and productivity to see a positive impact on your bottom line.

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