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MyGlue is your collaboration-as-a-service (CaaS) portal—creating a direct line for meaningful collaboration with clients.

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The Stickiness of MyGlue

You sell your clients on value, but there's a lot to be said for creating stickiness as well. MyGlue is the safest, stickiest password vault around - find out how MyGlue helps you reduce churn and increase revenues.


How to Do Passwords Right (in MyGlue)

We know the recommended practices for passwords. We also know that nobody is going to be able to remember a 16-character password with letters, numbers and symbols, much less remember 100 of them. So how can you get your clients to do passwords right? The answer is simple, it's MyGlue.


The High Cost of Password Reset Tickets

We looked at data from our recent Global Benchmark Survey, and some widely available sources online to examine the problem. The average MSP serves 1300 users, and on average 1% of users per day require a password reset. That’s 13 resets per day. A reset takes 3.5 minutes to execute, though it might take longer if you’re not using IT Glue. We just assume you are, because you’re smart.


5 Reasons Your Clients Need MyGlue

At IT Glue, we’ve made a way to bridge this security gap, and allow you to give your clients what they really need: MyGlue. Simple, smart, secure and offering far more than your standard issue password manager; here are 5 reasons your clients need it.


What is MyGlue?

What is MyGlue? MyGlue is an application within the IT Glue ecosystem that helps small businesses secure their passwords, and increase business efficiency.


3 Reasons Why MyGlue is Better than Other Password Managers

Why MyGlue? Glad you asked. We know how important it is for you to generate a strong and fulfilling relationship with your clients. We also know that in an increasingly competitive market, you have to go beyond the basics to accomplish that. One of the key ways to achieve this is by offering your clients MyGlue.


Introducing MyGlue

MyGlue is here! MSPs around the globe have been knocking at our door for months in anticipation of this game-changing solution. We are thrilled to introduce MyGlue, the simple, smart and secure platform for securing your clients' digital footprints and helping them organize information. 

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