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IT Glue for IT Teams

Finally, an all-in-one asset, password and knowledge management solution designed for IT Teams

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“Before coming to my current organization, I worked for multiple MSPs, and documentation is non-negotiable. I have used other documentation tools, such as Confluence, but IT Glue is far more superior. It is intuitive and easy to use. Even if you don’t know what you are looking for, you can find what you need. It is that intuitive. We have multiple locations and we don’t have technical personnel on each site. IT Glue allows us to take a proactive approach, so if there’s an outage, we can assist quickly instead of hunting things down. IT Glue helps us with future-proofing our documentation and meeting audit requirements.”

Matt Howell, System Administrator, Vantage Point Title, Inc.

“All of my data used to be spread out in various places, it was disjointed and not relatable between assets. With IT Glue, features such as Flexible Assets and Procedures have been helping to get information quickly and fully to a new technician.”

Bob Brooks, Chief Information Technology Officer, Greene County Public Health

“Before, we tracked a handful of things via Excel spreadsheets, but for the most part we didn’t track anything. This resulted in a lot of issues regarding asset management and license tracking. IT Glue is a name I’ve heard bounced around the industry, always with a positive tone. I looked at your solution along with a few open-source alternatives. You offer a clean interface, great documentation and your product stays up to date. The final selling point was the Network portion, allowing us to map out our infrastructure. We now have a central location to store procedures and valuable asset information. Overall, it wasn’t about saving time, it was to provide more organization.”

Zach Warren, IT Director, City of Murray

Time waste is costing your business

Time is money. Cut time waste by 50% and ensure consistent service delivery
by structuring and consolidating your IT documentation across all clients.

An all-in-one tool that puts you in the driver’s seat

Ditch the spreadsheet and siloed tools – confidently know what assets you have, who has your assets and where your assets are, minus the financial and technical burden.

Protect your passwords, without slowing down

Store and access all passwords securely and easily, including shared administrative logins, with role-based permissions, enterprise-grade security and browser extensions.

Enterprise security that puts you in control

Safeguard your data and meet compliance standards with MFA, SSO, IP access control while granting admins granular access control, version control with rollback, immutable audit trail with restore, and more

Securely access and share passwords with ease

Store and access all passwords securely and easily, including shared
administrative logins with one-time password generator, role-based permissions
and enterprise-grade security.

Keep your team running smoothly

Have complete confidence that your IT team can run smoothly even during turnovers or vacations by turning tacit knowledge into shared institutional memory.

Showcase your value

Everything you need to know is just a click away. Easily define relationships between assets, licenses, vendors, passwords, how-tos and more, so you have richer contextual information to rapidly respond to requests and incidents.

No more blind spots with automated discovery

Have an unified and up-to-date inventory of all IT assets including workstations, servers, network appliances, IoT devices and all Active Directory and Azure AD in one single pane

Realize Quick ROI from Day 1

With its simple setup and highly intuitive design, consolidate all your assets, users and passwords easily, and be an expert of your IT environments in no time.

There’s more to discover

Asset Management

Asset Relationship Mapping

Secure Password Management

Software License Management

Revision History & Audit Trail

Domain & SSL Expiration

Automated Network Discovery

Out-of-the-Box & Customizable IT Templates

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