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Active integrations
Active integrations

Structured IT Documentation

  • IT Framework: Leverage a framework that is utilized by thousands of MSPs, offering you the most trusted and optimal way of onboarding and organizing your clients’ information to effectively service them.
  • Standardized IT documentation: Input and view information the same way, every time, for every client, regardless of how experienced or unfamiliar you are with the various clients.
  • Global & local search: Easily search across and within all your assets and clients to find the exact information you are looking for in seconds.

Consolidated IT Documentation

  • Consolidation: Consolidate information from SharePoint, Confluence, OneNote, Google Drive and more into one, so anyone on your team can
    find it.
  • Relationship mapping: Zero degrees of separation. Everything you need to service your clients is at your fingertips.
  • One-click access: Empower your team to self-serve and reduce research time with assets, passwords, SOPs and more, all in one pane.
Active integrations
Relationship mapping

Secure Password Management

  • Secure password management: Store and access passwords securely and conveniently anywhere, at any time.
  • Secure password sharing: Easily access shared logins and even administrative logins with the help of One-Time-Password generator.
  • Password oversight: Gain total control over password security with audit logs and at-risk password reports.
  • Auto-fill: Logins are automatically populated via browser extension to eliminate shoulder surfers.

Knowledge & Process Management

  • Centralized SOPs: Make processes repeatable by creating and storing Knowledge Base and SOPs centrally. Easily embed diagrams and screenshots and link your articles with the rest of your information.
  • Checklists: Streamline routine tasks, easily track progress and ensure accountability with your team and your clients.
  • myITchecklists™: Get started with out-of-the-box checklist templates that are based on TruMethod’s industry-tested framework and process.
  • Checklist templates: Deploy and utilize out-of-the-box security, business management, vCIO and incident response checklists without the need for an advanced IT team to build out.
  • Secured sharing with clients and partners: Share public links of IT Glue information securely with business partners, clients and third-party providers for worry-free collaboration.
Documentation automation

IT Documentation Automation

  • 50+ integrations and counting: Automate your documentation with more than just PSA and RMM integrations. Keep your documentation up to date with backup, network monitoring, Microsoft and more.
  • 2-Way PSA sync: Changes made in your PSA or IT Glue are automatically synced.
  • Open API: Build your own integrations or leverage our GitHub page to take your automations to the next level.

Workflow Automation

  • Domain & SSL tracking: Fully automated, proactive tracking of upcoming expiries, so you never miss a renewal again.
  • Workflows: Never miss a beat with granular control over notifications.
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Documentation automation

Automated Network Visibility

  • Automated network discovery: Automatically discover and collect detailed information of network devices, including virtual machines.
  • Automated network topology: Easily visualize how the devices are connected and gain insights into information like ports as well.
  • Automated Active Directory: A single pane for on-premises, hybrid and cloud Active Directory user information.

Permissions & Security

  • Access Control: Granularly control access based on a hierarchy of roles, users and groups. Control and limit access easily.
  • Version Control with rollback: Your very own time machine. Automatic versioning and rollback of everything, including passwords, devices, domains, SSL certificates, applications and more.
  • Immutable Audit Trail with restore: Gain full transparency and ensure compliance by understanding exactly what is being accessed, created, updated and deleted.
  • Enterprise-grade security: Safeguard your data with MFA, SSO, IP Access Control, etc., all within a SOC 2 Type II compliant solution.
Active integrations
Documentation automation

Client Collaboration

  • Collaboration-as-a-service: Capitalize on a new revenue stream by securely collaborating on IT documentation with your clients and building trust through transparency.
  • Self service: Empower your clients to resolve simple IT issues by sharing a read-only version of IT Glue SOPs.
  • Secure client passwords: Provide additional value by securing your clients’ digital footprint.

MSP Collaboration and M&A

  • Lite Users: Share client information easily and securely with contractors or third parties with a read-only role.
  • GlueConnect: Link IT Glue accounts securely to easily collaborate with other MSPs, or when outsourced to GlueConnect Certified Providers, for round-the-clock NOC and ticket coverage.
  • Cross-Account Migration Service: Ensure no vital data is lost when migrating IT Glue accounts and benefit from efficient data transfer while maintaining all asset relationships. *This service is only available for accounts hosted in the North American data center.
Active integrations
Documentation automation

Data Accessibility

  • Runbook: Professionally formatted pdf of individual, multiple or all clients’ IT documentation for quarterly business reviews and business continuity.
  • Automated Account Backup: Always have up-to-date IT Glue data that is automatically backed up based on your preferred schedule.
  • Browser Extension: Auto-fill logins, auto-prompt for new passwords and access IT Glue documentation without ever leaving your browser.
  • Quick search: Simply enter a keyboard shortcut to bring up the IT Glue search bar without leaving any webpages.
  • Mobile application: Securely access IT Glue information on the go and seamlessly connect with Touch ID, Face ID and fingerprint authentication.

Documentation Culture

  • Engagement: Enable a culture of documentation excellence by measuring, rewarding and gamifying documentation.
  • Completion Profile: Mind your knowledge gap by clearly seeing what information you’re missing across documented assets and clients.
Active integrations

Connect with the tools you already use

“IT Glue has allowed us to standardize how we do documentation. We don’t just have documentation, but we have a consistent way to be familiar with our clients. Even if one of our team hasn’t worked with a client, the client feels like we know them. The best part of IT Glue is how it glues our team together. This glue means that our clients see a consistent practice from the entire team.”

James Paventi, IT Director, Attentive IT

“We no longer have to pass information down to new employees through fireside chats and cave drawings. If they have a question, they check IT Glue first, and if it’s not there yet, we update IT Glue so it is. My favorite part about IT Glue is how easy and strangely fun it is to centralize my team’s knowledge of our clients. It’s a tremendous knowledge retention tool.”

Ethan Whitaker, Owner, Whitaker Networks

“We’ve needed to upgrade our documentation platform for years now to something modern. We tried going with the Docs 2.0 offering from Passportal and it was such an unholy disaster we couldn’t abandon ship fast enough. After doing some initial testing with IT Glue, we were so floored to work with a platform that helped us document instead of hinder, we were eager to sign on.”

Jordan Bedard, Senior Information Systems Engineer, Biz Technology Solutions

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