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Feature: IT Glue for IT Teams
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Asset Management

  • Asset Tracking: Complete repository of IT and non-IT assets
  • Auto-Asset Documentation: Automatically document asset information with in-depth visibility from multiple data sources including Intune, ServiceNow, Jamf and more
  • Auto-Asset Discovery: Identify and automatically document assets in your organization

Software License Management

  • Software License Tracking: Track active, consumed and unused licenses easily
  • Automated Microsoft 365 Licenses Tracking: Single pane of glass for all Microsoft 365 licenses for easy access
Active integrations
Relationship mapping

Vendor Management

  • Vendor Tracking: Manage all your third-party vendor relationships easily by centralizing vendor contracts
  • Vendor Risk Management: Control cost and reduce risk by centralizing all vendor relationships and risk scores in one

Password Management

  • Secure Password Management: Store and access passwords securely and conveniently anywhere, at anytime
  • Secure Password Sharing: Easily access shared logins and even administrative logins with one-time-password generator
  • IT Oversight: Gain total control over password security with audit logs and at-risk password report
  • Autofill: Logins are automatically populated to eliminate shoulder surfers
Documentation automation

Smart Asset Relationship Mapping

  • Relationship Mapping: Link related items together so that all the information you need is at your fingertips
  • One-click access: Empower your team to self-serve and reduce research time with assets, passwords, SOPs and more – all in one pane

Knowledge Management

  • Centralized SOPs: Make processes repeatable by creating and storing Knowledge Base and SOPs centrally. Easily embed diagrams and screenshots and link your articles to the rest of your information.
  • Checklists: Easily track progress and ensure accountability with your team
  • Out-of-the-Box Templates: Get started with out-of-the-box ITIL SOP templates and troubleshooting and incident response checklist templates
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Documentation automation


  • Domain & SSL Tracking: Fully automated, proactive tracking of upcoming expiries so you never miss a renewal again
  • Workflows: Never miss a beat with granular control over notifications

Automated Network Visibility

  • Automated Network Discovery: Automatically discover and collect detailed information of network devices including virtual machines
  • Automated Network Topology: Easily visualize how the devices are connected and gain insights into information like ports as well
  • Automated Active Directory: A single pane for on-premises, hybrid and cloud Active Directory users’ information
Active integrations
Documentation automation

Permissions & Security

  • Access Control: Granularly control access based on a hierarchy of roles, users and groups. Control and limit access easily.
  • Version Control With Rollback: Your very own time machine. Automatic versioning and rollback of everything including passwords, devices, domains, SSL certificates, applications and more.
  • Immutable Audit Trail With Restore: Gain full transparency and ensure compliance by understanding exactly what is being accessed, created, updated and deleted.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security: Safeguard your data with MFA, SSO, IP Access Control and more, all within a SOC 2 Type II compliant solution.

Connect with the tools you already use

“Before IT Glue, we utilized several different tools, which caused complexity and confusion in our department. It was hard to control and ensure everyone was getting proper documentation done. Having several tools also increases technical debt. IT Glue is all inclusive and makes it easy for techs to go to one location. It is easy to implement controls to ensure documentation requirements. The best part of IT Glue for us is the efficiency gains for team based on collaboration, as well as the integrations into mainstream applications that reduces the manual inputs.”

Dustin Conley, IT Director, CFS Brands

“Prior to IT Glue, we used Word documents and Excel sheets to track assets, knowledge and other information. IT Glue has helped streamline processes and reduce onboarding training lag for our organization. Being able to set different security levels for my users is a great feature as it enables us to have our Level 1 techs see only certain items and higher-level techs have more access.”

Wajid Ullah, Chief Information Officer, Pathline Labs

“Using only spreadsheets, Word documents and loose files led to various challenges. Information was all over the place and not easily found, and it was not secure. I knew about IT Glue from the last company I worked at (MSP) and really thought it was great value for money. IT Glue has been a godsend because we now have a centralized repository of knowledge that’s easily searchable and also easy to continue growing. The best part about IT Glue is the organization and the search engine. If someone entered data into it, it can be found with relative ease.”

Joe Ritter, IT Director, Village of Streamwood

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