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Join the GlueCrew on 13th November and drive a Russian Gvozdika Gun Tank and 432 Armoured Personnel Carrier around the infamous Spring Farm site. Join the latest in the series of industry-renowned IT Glue roadshows and get your MSP in a position to declare victory over the time waste and inefficiency that poor documentation can bring!

This adrenaline-filled event will be brimming with insight; giving you the opportunity to hear exactly how IT Glue has enabled three of our partners to transform their MSPs. 

*Please note, due to the content, this event is only open to MSPs who do not already use IT Glue. If you are an existing partner and would like to find out about our next User Group event, please get in touch.

9:15 | Arrival and breakfast

9:30 | Creating a Leaner, Fitter, Smarter MSP

10:30 | Break

Don't just take our word for it, join this interactive panel session and find out first-hand how IT Glue has fuelled success of these MSPs and contributed to notable revenue growth. We will be welcoming James Racliff, Managing Director at Ratcliff IT,  and Malcolm Newdick, Director at Riverbank IT Management, to the stage for this exciting panel session.

Our panelists will discuss how IT Glue has helped to:

  • Transform the way their MSPs operate—moving from break-fix to fully managed services
  • Ease diversification within the business—for example, transitioning to an MSSP
  • Negotiate the difficulties in growing an MSP from a single person business to 20+ employees
  • Deliver real, measurable improvements to their bottom line profits

Wednesday 13th November 2019

Why Attend?

How to onboard a new technician in under 1 day

How IT Glue can transform the way your team works and how your customers view your company

Your MSP's efficiency and bottom line




Find out why over 7,000 MSPs have adopted IT Glue and how they have built a leaner, fitter, smarter business.

10:45 | MSP How-To with IT Glue

11:45 | How IT Glue Accelerates the Growth of MSPs: LIVE Panel Discussion

- Session 1: Learn how to on-board a new technician in one day
- Session 2: Discover how to find the information you need to solve a ticket in under one minute

2:00 | Tank Driving Competition

1:30 | Lunch - followed by safety briefing and description of activities and team objectives

3:00 | Break, Refreshments & Scores

Wednesday 13th November2019

Event Details
Date: Wednesday 13th November 2019
Location: Tanks A Lot, Spring Farm, Helmdon, NN13 5QD
Times: 9am - 4:30pm

The team of attendees will spend 60 minutes on each activity competing for points towards winning the opportunity to take part in the ultimate tank experience; ‘The Car Crush.’

Tank Driving & Activities

The recruit with the highest score in the winning team will win the grand finale, to crush a family saloon car with a 56 ton Chieftain main battle tank (we will be using the one from the film Fast & Furious 6!), the objective being to put one track straight up the centre of the car and flatten it leaving the driver’s door open and perfectly intact…. Can it be done?

This is your opportunity to drive two of the most infamous military vehicles in history…

432 Armoured Personnel Carrier
Take a ride in ‘the squaddies favourite’ this multipurpose tracked van can carry troops, fire a mortar, or have a turret fitted. It’s easy to drive and fast with super smooth steering and an auto gearbox, points will be awarded for this activity.

Russian Gvozdika
Get behind the controls of this massive V8 turbo powered gun tank. This tank is unique in that it houses a very big gun in a lightweight tank, this means fast fun. The Russian Gvozdika is not the easiest drive, but is really big on grin factor and amazingly, capable of swimming, points awarded.

3:15 | Car Crush

Win the Battle Against Documentation Sprawl

Partner Vendors Attending