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Company: Pantheon Computers
Location:  Waseca, MN
Employees: 25
IT Glue Partner since: 2017

“MyGlue is a win-win for both us and our clients.”
– — Reyna Monson, Vice President, Pantheon Computers

The Problem

One of our biggest challenges with client password management was employees storing passwords using their preferred password management method or platform rather than a company-wide approved solution. When passwords are stored in individual silos and an employee leaves, there are multiple challenges around getting those passwords from them – how to get them at all if they are fired or disgruntled? Do we have them all? How do we transfer them to someone else securely and accurately?

In addition, when passwords needed to be shared by multiple people, those passwords were stored in an Excel document on the server or written down and stored as hard copies – which, of course, was not compliant with our security protocols.

The Solution

MyGlue gives us a way to offer a centralized platform for our clients to store their passwords. This way, our clients always have access to stored passwords – including when an employee leaves – and it enables secure password sharing.

Before MyGlue, we would recommend 3rd-party password management tools to our clients. However, we had no control, gained no revenue, and couldn’t provide any value-add.

The Results

MyGlue is a win-win for both us and our clients. Having MyGlue in our toolbox not only gives us the opportunity to act as a trusted advisor and provide value-add for our customers, but it also creates a revenue opportunity for us when we offer it as part of our Security-as-a-Service bundle. 


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