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MicroAge is a leading IT solutions company with many clients across the globe. They wanted to automate and improve their quarterly client meetings to better manage projects, nurture client relationships and tap into new revenue opportunities. myITprocess provided them with a structured way to anticipate client needs, keep clients engaged and plan for the future. The solution has helped MicroAge conduct more technical review meetings and maximize opportunities for growth.

“myITprocess provides a structured way to discuss recommendations and initiatives with clients.”
– — Sergio Lima, Director of Customer Success, MicroAge NWD

The Challenge

The Struggle to Keep Clients Honest Was Real

We know how frustrating it is when a client makes grand plans but fails to follow through on them. It results in time wastage — you don’t get the right value or return for your time — and makes it difficult to grow your partnership with them. This was MicroAge’s story before myITprocess. They had many clients, but no organized way to conduct quarterly meetings, discuss progress and plan ahead of time by getting their clients’ word and buy-ins in advance.

The Solution

myITprocess Helps Establish Order in Client Relationships

MicroAge’s Director of Customer Success and vCIO, Sergio Lima, tells us that they and their clients love myITprocess because it’s a platform everyone can interact with.

“myITprocess helped us develop a standardized list of 75 alignment questions that can easily be shared with each and every client.”

These questions cover the entire gamut of IT operations — from devices to environments, solutions and strategies (cloud, backup, etc.) and more. They help MicroAge and their clients stay ahead of their challenges and plan for the future.

“We present our recommendations in the presentation mode of myITprocess. This helps us have an active discussion on the IT risks and the projects we’re planning. Our clients can either accept or reject projects or put them on hold on the spot. It’s a great way to increase client accountability.”

myITprocess also helps MicroAge share alignment and budget reports with their clients to showcase the value of their services and keep their clients engaged, focused and accountable.

The Results

myITprocess Increases Operational Efficiencies & Creates Opportunities for Growth

Since implementing myITprocess, MicroAge has achieved remarkable results. They have been able to conduct about 8 to 10 vCIO meetings every month, creating a monthly opportunity of about $60,000 and overall opportunity of $800,000 in the sales funnel.

Company: MicroAge
Location:  Phoenix, Arizona, United States

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