The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) is the voice of British Columbia realtors, working in collaboration with real estate boards, lawyers, and multiple levels of government. Faced with an inefficient legacy documentation system, the BCREA turned to IT Glue to centralize IT documentation into a single source of truth that allows them to scale easily.

Company: BC Real Estate Association
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Founded: 1976

The Challenge

BCREA’s system administrator Pedram Ataee, who has previously worked primarily in the MSP world, has seen the power of documentation in various MSPs that he worked with. Since starting at BCREA, he quickly realized that having cohesive documentation is key to streamlining the IT operations at BCREA.

At BCREA, they were using a solution called BookStack, a self-hosted Linux-based Wiki that needs to be constantly maintained and patched. Maintaining multiple word docs was not an efficient process. They were looking to consolidate all documentation including assets, SOPs, passwords, etc. in one. Since everyone was going remote, a SaaS-based solution is also needed for the ease of onboarding and offboarding.

The Solution

While he looked at other alternatives, IT Glue stood out because he was already familiar with it from his prior experience. His manager’s research showed that IT Glue has all the required features including asset management, password management, SOPs and more. IT Glue is also a SaaS-based solution, and there was no need for BCREA to host anything.

Moreover, since IT Glue has been around for a while, it is a much more mature solution than other alternatives in the market.

The Results

IT Glue became a catalog of BCREA’s infrastructure. Ataee noted, “IT Glue is our asset tracking management solution. We can now understand which user has which laptop. As we grow or hire additional personnel, it serves as a catalog or guide when the manager is not around to resolve issues. Some of my favorite features include one-time-passwords with password management, and SSL & Domain automated tracker.”


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