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GlueX Speaker Announcement: Two Explorers to Lead Us

We are super thrilled to announce that we have confirmed the headline speakers for GlueX 2021. With this year’s edition promising to be a "one-of-a-kind Xpedition into the MSP industry," we’ve roped in two world-renowned explorers to take the lead. 


MSP vs vCIO: What’s the Difference and Why does it Matter?

The evolution of managed services never stopped. This wasn't an industry that went from break-fix and VAR to MSP and then stagnated. Not with sustained double-digit growth and a rapidly transforming technological environment. If anything, the past year has increased the pace of innovation within the managed services space.


Boost MSP Productivity With Active Directory Security Groups Sync

Today, when a ticket comes in concerning Active Directory permissions held by a specific user, your technician will have to log in and navigate through the Active Directory server to get that information. Now, learning keyboard shortcuts and some rapid navigation might be an okay solution, but wouldn’t it be more efficient to get all the information from one place?


Documentation How To: Creating Great Process Diagrams

You understand the value of documentation. That’s why you’re reading this. You know that documenting assets and processes is an important step towards building a more efficient, scalable business. But you also know that documentation is like anything else -- the better it is, the more useful it is. The good news is that creating excellent documentation is easy. We've already discussed writing great process documents. Now we’re going to talk about creating great process diagrams.


Writing Great Process Documentation

Let’s say you’ve got your documentation system in place. Something really good, like IT Glue™. You’ve synced your PSA. You’re working on building a documentation culture in your team. You’re living the good life on the road to documentation zen. All is going well until you notice a pothole. Then another. And you realize that you’re documenting processes, but some of them don’t make sense except to the person who wrote them. Don’t worry. This can be fixed. There’s a process to documenting processes.


Building a Documentation Culture – How to Get Your Staff To Start Documenting

Organizations don’t always respond to changes in the same way. Just because a fellow MSP managed to seamlessly build a documentation culture doesn’t necessarily mean you will be able to as well. What matters, however, is that you don’t drop the plan altogether at the first sign of resistance. After all, no one ever succeeded at anything by throwing in the towel when the going got tough.


MSP Information Hierarchy

We get a lot of questions on how to best organize your IT documentation. Our founder and former CEO Chris Day wrote this blog post early in the life of IT Glue (circa 2014) to share his insight regarding best practices for MSPs and IT service providers. This post has remained one of our most popular, not just all-time but on a month-to-month basis, because it provides a fantastic starting point for organizing your information.


Considering Getting IT Glue? Here’s What Your Peers Have to Say.

If you are considering getting IT Glue, there's a good chance you already know quite a bit about us by now. Most of what you know would have come through our content — eBooks, product videos and webinars. We'd even wager that you're probably a bit tired of hearing us wax lyrical about the product by now because, of course, we're a bit biased. 

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