May the 4th is World Password Day, an event focused on education about password security. Cybercrime is no longer the provenance of sophisticated hacking networks – indeed, off the shelf software to facilitate malware is fairly easy to acquire. Combined with the reality that human beings are still the number one vulnerability of any network, the need for heightened security awareness and training is evident. So what does this mean for the MSP?


In a world where small businesses are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals, and where hacking is the crime most feared, any IT company that can distinguish itself as a trusted security advisor can leverage this as a revenue stream. Channel insiders have talked about this a lot lately, and with good reason. The ROI logic for small- and medium-sized businesses is rock solid, given the likelihood and cost of cyberattacks.

Post-Employment Security

In the MSP business, there is also the matter of post-employment password security. IT Glue’s upcoming password access report highlights what passwords a departed tech has seen since they were last changed. Your team will be able to move very quickly to change all passwords, as soon as you click “go” on the report.

Single Sign-On

We are also soon introducing improvements to our SSO, a feature of our Enterprise plans. This will make it easier to shut down all of a user’s accounts at once. For an MSP, this is powerful not just internally but for your clients as well, when someone leaves or when a laptop gets stolen. MSPs can leverage our SSO tool to help provide Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS), taking the matter of identity out of the end clients’ hands entirely. Considering that end users are the number one source of security breaches, there’s a lot of value in IDaaS these days.

Secure Stack

Most solutions in the channel promise to be secure. But at the end of the day, you have to take them at their word. Not so with IT Glue. Because we aim to be the central hub for all of your documentation and critical business information, we attained SOC 2 compliance. That means that third party auditors have attested to our security infrastructure and practices, and found them to be of the highest standard available. We offer multi-factor authentication (MFA) to ensure that you can layer up on security.

To find out more about how SSO can enhance security at your MSP, drop us a line.

IT Glue is the leading documentation platform for MSPs, designed to eliminate waste, improve productivity and hit your SLAs better. We are SOC 2 compliant, meaning that you can count on the security of your information in IT Glue.