The value proposition

Making the commitment to documentation and process is a difficult decision. Do you believe that the end justifies the means? We explore in this video why there is never a bad time to start, even if the tools you use are something other than IT Glue™. Remember: it’s a journey, not a destination.

About this video

The video is designed to provide owners, executives and managers with context (read: “meat and potatoes”) about how great documentation & process can be a key differentiating factor, and in fact, a key predictor of financial success for MSPs. By watching this video, you will learn:

  • More about IT Glue & its leadership
  • Why LEAN business management is key to success in any business
  • High-level perspective on “The Documentation Problem”
  • Why MSPs need to consider people, technology and process (the success “trifecta”) 
  • Why process-focused MSPs significantly outperform their competitors
  • How even a smaller, 5-person MSP can be burning more than $250,000/year (with examples)

Looking for a technical overview?

If you understand the value proposition, and are interested in digging deeper, sing up for a demo to get a guided platform overview:

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