These days, everyone is trying to do more with less. Which do you prefer: more money with less work or more work with less money? Harvard Business Review’s research showed that “companies that manage their IT investments most successfully generate returns that are as much as 40% higher than those of their competitors.” What’s even more interesting is that while these companies generate higher shareholder returns, it’s almost certain that they have happier – and richer – people. That’s because they are able to do more with less people, and often as a result, pay their people better.

Apply this same logic to a Managed Services Provider (MSP), and the result is a business which can scale to support a larger number of users, devices, companies and technologies than it’s competitors. In addition to a solid sales pipeline of qualified (& quality) leads, you’ll need three key ingredients to make this happen:

  1. Good people – how you attract and retain talent will be largely tied to your brand and business success
  2. Good processes – as Verne Harnish says, the first company in any industry that fully embraces the LEAN methodology will dominate their industry over the long run”
  3. Good technology – the tools and technologies to enable your people to operate at maximum efficiency

Shocking, right? So, given the chance, would you rather:

a) Hire more people OR
b) Allow your people to be more efficient

Structured, standardized documentation plays a key role in enabling your people to be more efficient. We can help you get 10% of your team’s time back through standardized documentation, supporting the people and processes you want to build on in your company. Want to learn more?