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MSP Influencers #3 - The Biggest Opportunities of 2021 | IT Glue
December 07, 2020

MSP Influencers #3 – The Biggest Opportunities of 2021


We know that a lot of MSPs were able to thrive in 2020, which means that a lot of you will be thriving in 2021 as well. But to thrive, it helps to get a sense of what areas you need to focus your time and energy on. So we asked our MSP influencers their thoughts on the biggest opportunities of 2021 for managed service providers.

MSP Influencers: How the Pandemic Has Affected the MSP Marketplace | IT Glue
November 30, 2020

MSP Influencers: How the Pandemic Has Affected the MSP Marketplace


For the majority, the most significant change they observed over the last 10 months was the forced/mass adoption of remote work and cloud. MSP expert Erick Simpson notes that “The pandemic really accelerated the move to the cloud, hardened security and increased remote workforce mobilization for businesses across all markets in a way that simply could not have occurred otherwise in such a compressed timeframe.”

Why Gamification? | IT Glue
November 23, 2020

Why Gamification?


The answer to the question of “why gamification?”, and it’s because you need to get a certain level of documentation mastery to sustain that mastery, and gamification is one of the most effective techniques to get you there.

How to Simplify Software Documentation | IT Glue
November 02, 2020

How to Simplify Software Documentation


Documenting hardware is pretty straightforward, at least if you’re using IT Glue, integrated with your RMM. Add a little Network Glue, some other plug and play integrations, and voilá, you’ve got your basic hardware documented.  But what about software?

GlueX 2020 Feature Releases | IT Glue
September 29, 2020

GlueX 2020 Feature Releases


GlueX Product Update day is like Christmas come early for IT Glue partners, because that’s the day we drop more new features than any other day of the year.

Feature Release: Archive Assets | IT Glue

Feature Release: Archive Assets


Our latest feature is the Archive button. As the name implies, it allows you to section off documentation that you no longer need but aren’t ready to say goodbye to.

Driving Agility Process Documentation | IT Glue
July 03, 2020

Driving Agility: Process Documentation


If information isn’t written down, sharing knowledge becomes a telephone game.

What's the Best Process for Documenting in IT Glue? | IT Glue
May 15, 2020

What’s the Best Process for Documenting in IT Glue?


Having an award-winning documentation platform is one thing, getting started with it is another. We’re breaking it down so it’s simple and straight forward.

Chrome Extension Awesome Things
April 27, 2020

Blog: 5 Awesome Updates to our Chrome Extension


Let’s take a look at some of the features we’ve added to our IT Glue and MyGlue Chrome Extensions that improve the functionality, efficiency and convenience for you to access information.

BVoIP Integration
April 20, 2020

New Integration: BVoiP 1Stream


BVoIP’s 1Stream platform will recognize a known phone number, and automatically match it to the corresponding organization in your IT Glue account.