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Empower Your Clients With MyGlue | IT Glue
February 24, 2021

Empower Your Clients With MyGlue


The MSP marketplace has become increasingly competitive over the last few years. In fact, according to the IT Glue MSP Benchmark Survey, 24 percent of MSPs report competition as a major pressure point. And it’s only going to get worse as more people recognize managed services as a space with healthy profits and growth, making it one of the best industries to operate in, even in a year like 2020.  

GlueX 2020 Feature Releases | IT Glue
September 29, 2020

GlueX 2020 Feature Releases


GlueX Product Update day is like Christmas come early for IT Glue partners, because that’s the day we drop more new features than any other day of the year.

Feature Release: Archive Assets | IT Glue

Feature Release: Archive Assets


Our latest feature is the Archive button. As the name implies, it allows you to section off documentation that you no longer need but aren’t ready to say goodbye to.

Feature Release: MyGlue Help Center | IT Glue

Feature Release: MyGlue Help Center


Sometimes when you build a product, the best use cases for that product only emerge long after the product has been released into the wild. This is the case with MyGlue. We imagined that MyGlue would steal password management market share from the Post-It Note, and it has, but when we talk to MSPs now about MyGlue, they rave about its value as a collaborative tool.

Feature Release: Backup Coverage Report | IT Glue

Feature Release: Backup Coverage Report


The IT Glue Backup Coverage Report is an integration with Unitrends that enables a “set it and forget it” approach. IT Glue brings relevant backup information to your technicians’ workflow who then get the complete picture, making it easy to identify workstations and servers that are missing a backup. 

Feature Release Virtual Network Documentation | IT Glue

Feature Release: Virtual Network Documentation


With this feature release, Network Glue now has the ability to automatically discover, document and diagram virtual components of networks for Hyper-V and VMware.

IT Glue in Fusion App | IT Glue

Feature Release: IT Glue in Fusion App


The core principle for IT Glue since day one was to increase the efficiency of IT teams by giving them the information they need, when and where they need it. We applied that same core principle when adding IT Glue to the Fusion app. 

myITprocess Integration | IT Glue

Feature Release: myITprocess Integration


The folks at myITprocess have just announced that they have built an integration with IT Glue, that will use IT Glue data as part of their reporting:

Feature Release: BMS Ticketing Inside IT Glue
September 28, 2020

Feature Release: BMS Ticketing Inside IT Glue


The vision for the IT Glue – BMS integration is to optimize technician workflows. This is what we’ve believed all along at IT Glue, because we know that’s how MSPs can do more with less, and we know that the financial benefits of increasing efficiency and organization can be pretty profound for MSPs.

GlueX Speaker Announcement No Longer Anonymous | IT Glue
August 25, 2020

GlueX Speaker Announcement: No Longer Anonymous


The excitement is building as we draw closer to GlueX. Behind the scenes, the Glue Crew have pulled together a truly fantastic event. Not all virtual events are created equal, and we can promise you that GlueX will be the best virtual event experience you have this year.