January 15, 2024

What Is IT Asset Management (ITAM)?

Aidan Coleman

Eager to understand the foundational pillar of streamlined IT operations? Let’s explore the inner workings of IT asset management (ITAM). In this blog post, not only will we define ITAM but also shed light on its intricate workings and why IT professionals worldwide prioritize it. Picture this as your go-to guide as we delve into […]

IT Asset Tracking: Streamline Your Asset Information to Make Smart Decisions | IT Glue
March 17, 2022

IT Asset Tracking: Streamline Your Asset Information to Make Smart Decisions


The volume of IT assets owned by businesses is higher than ever before. When you also factor in the complexity of managing mobile devices, cloud-based solutions, software licenses and more, and the fact that IT assets are increasingly spread across different locations in this new age of remote and hybrid work, it’s no wonder businesses all over the world have witnessed asignificant rise in security risks.

However, there is a way to meet this challenge head-on. IT asset tracking can help you better manage your technology assets and ensure better efficiency and security.

Manually documenting all your IT assets in today’s highly digitized world is a cumbersome, time-consuming and error-prone task. You can overcome these limitations with an IT asset tracking solution that actively monitors and automates all aspects of asset management.

Let’s explore the different aspects of IT asset tracking and how it boosts security, enhances efficiency and eliminates waste in your organization.

IT Asset Management: What’s It All About? | IT Glue
August 09, 2021

IT Asset Management: What’s It All About?


Businesses spend thousands of dollars to meet their technology requirements every year. A lot of these investments go into procuring IT assets and deploying them the right way to perform various business functions. From setting up computers, routers, modems, etc., to installing software applications, you need the right practices and tools to get more value […]