Can you believe it? It’s already August. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, that probably means that a good number of employees will be going on vacation soon. Suddenly, those clear sunny skies seem a lot more like gloomy days on the horizon.

We get it – it can be difficult managing staff and vacation time. But, relax. Employees on vacation can be a positive thing. (Afterall, four out of five people say they feel better equipped to handle work challenges after they take time off.) So, to help you not feel overwhelmed this summer, here’s how you can handle this:

Plan for capacity

If you can, plan ahead what your staffing schedule will look like. Do you remember what your business levels were from past summers? How much was the demand for certain services and work? This can help you allocate the appropriate amount of time between employees to meet expected demand. Incentives to discourage people from taking vacations during summer may also reduce the demand for vacation time.

Evaluate skills bottlenecks

Which employees are good at what skills? What needs to be delegated when an employee goes away? Assess the skills of your workforce to understand if enough people are trained on the essential tasks. By doing this, you are less likely to let all your experts in one area go on vacation at once. If certain employees have knowledge or skills that can’t be assigned to someone else, encourage people to work from home. This flexibility can help alleviate capacity issues significantly.

Create SOPs

So that other employees can quickly pick up the slack, put SOPs in place. This is very helpful when dealing with a complex project, but the expert go-to person is nowhere to be found. IT Glue’s documentation platform can help organize your SOPs efficiently so that they are easily accessible. By standardizing your documentation, employees will spend more time getting the work done than trying to understand how to do it.

Hire summer interns

If your staff is swamped with work, consider hiring a pool of part time employees, or seasonal interns. Another option would be to outsource some work via GlueConnect, which is an IT Glue feature. If you have SOPs in IT Glue, a summer student or part-timer can be at 80% productivity in just one month. Having SOPs and documentation allows people to be trained quickly and trained to a high degree of effectiveness.

Don’t let employee vacations get in the way of high quality work. Learn more about how IT Glue™ can help you this summer.

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