As an MSP owner, you may find it challenging to define what success looks like. Each MSP tends to be different, whether in terms of scale, client base, objectives or financial models. That’s why we reached out to MSP leaders from our community to find out what their most significant achievement has been so far. Here’s a compilation of what they had to say.

Customer retention rates featured quite prominently in the responses. Bryan Parsons of SpiderGroup in Bristol, England, pointed out that “Our average customer retention is really high. Most customers stay with us for the long run; more than 10 years.” Darren Crane of DLC Technology Solutions in New Jersey also went with customer retention. He stated that “Once we bring a customer on board, they are here to stay. Turnover of customers only occurs when the upfront sale was not a great fit to begin with, or customers closed their business due to sale or retirement. We endeavor to win our customers over every day.”

For Just Fix IT‘s Alex Beilby, the highlight was his company’s farsightedness that allowed them to invest in tools and solutions that made their clients’ transition to remote work easier. He said, “Our Zero IT lean desktop solution allowed for a rapid response to a cloud-based service for our customers during their work-from-home requirements due to COVID. That solution would only be possible through key RMM partnerships, with powerful asset management systems allowing patching and speedy remote deployments.”

Steve Meek of The Fulcrum Group in Fort Worth, TX was also delighted with his MSP’s efforts to help their clients during the recent switch to remote work. He noted that “Assisting our entire client base in rapidly moving to remote work for COVID-19 and scaling up infrastructure, creating checklists for clients, assisting with Teams for collaboration” was the right thing to do.

Another common feature among the responses was owners who were proud of their “MSP growth story.” One particular response that caught our eye was by Ray Sweeney of Premier Technology Solutions in Melbourne. He recounts, “We let go of two-thirds of our client base and started on a journey to become the best at our chosen value proposition. We chose to only work with ‘A’ customers and along with a lot of hard work and discipline in our process and delivery, approximately doubled almost every metric in a positive way over an 18-month period, including profitability, average seat prices and client engagement, while also halving typical response and resolution times, tickets per endpoint, etc. Some of these achievements were actually achieved in as little as six months. This led us to be awarded runner up (#2) globally in the 2018 MSP of the Year award by the MSP501 people. We’ve also placed top 10 in our region four years running now, recently placing #3 in Australia and New Zealand.”

Jacob Puckett from United Systems and Software shared that “Announcing we were breaking ground on a $5.3 million headquarters in order to recruit and hire 50 more professionals to better serve our customers” was his most significant achievement yet.

Other common answers included: team expansions, being featured in MSP500, getting businesses through referrals and securing clients against cyberattacks.

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