Starting an MSP business and turning it into a successful venture is not an easy task. There is much that you need to learn. Unless you have worked in the MSP marketplace, it is almost impossible to figure out everything yourself.

What you can do instead is to hear from people who have been there and done it. That’s why we asked MSP leaders from our community what advice they would give to a new MSP starting out. Here’s a compilation of what they had to say.

Define Your Value Prop

Most leaders observed that the first thing you must do is to nail down your value proposition. Ray Sweeney of Premier Technology Solutions in Melbourne wants you to establish, “What is it you are going to do better than everyone else, and why is that valuable.” He believes it will guide you in finding the right customers. Bryan Parsons of Spider Group in Bristol added that “Don’t sell technology, sell outcomes.” He wants you to focus on the difference you will make to your clients’ business and how you will make their business succeed.

Focus on Growth

Another common piece of advice was that you should focus on growing your business rather than dealing with the day-to-day drudgery. Jacob Puckett of United Systems and Software in Kentucky summed it up well, “Don’t ever start “break-fix” work, for anyone, ever.” John McCarthy of Simplex-IT in Ohio echoed the same sentiments “When you start an MSP, you need to cease being a technician and start being an insurance salesman.” Todd Swartzman of RealTime LLC in Alabama suggested that “you need to appreciate the fear of change that the prospect may be feeling and learn to address that fear as part of the sales process.”

Choose Your Stack Wisely

When it came to what tools to invest in, most people answered that your tech stack should consist of PSA, RMM, documentation, backup and disaster recovery, and security solutions. Andrew Williams of Austin-based Contigo Technology believes that it is better to “Stick with one vendor for integration purposes.” He also added that “Kaseya is a good choice.” And he wasn’t the only one, Adam Schwam of Long Island’s Sandwire Corporation also agreed, “Embrace the Kaseya toolset—it’s all you need to be successful.”

Document Everything

Apart from these points, Michael Kanet of ITernal Networks in Las Vegas stressed the need for documentation “Document everything, even if you are only starting as a one-man shop. Any recurring task should be documented as an SOP or How-To Guide. This will seem tedious at first, but over time you will save tons of time. Training new staff as you grow becomes easier and you’ll be able to know that things will be completed correctly.” Randy Haba of DKBInnovative in Frisco, Texas recommends you to try IT Glue as it makes it easy to expose what you document to your customers.

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