Great IT documentation can deliver tremendous value to your business. Consider how these outcomes might benefit your business:

  • Better response & resolution times – enabling less experienced resources to execute IT support tasks in a similar time frame to those more seasoned folks
  • Greater service consistency & accuracy – standard operating procedures allow delivery of better outcomes to your customers, whether internal or external
  • Better strategy and account management – very quickly & easily assess the state of an IT environment and make the appropriate go-forward recommendations

While most acknowledge these obvious advantages, why do traditional IT documentation systems fail? The answer is: they are not human, they are not intuitive, and they are no fun to work with. So, when you’re evaluating business documentation solutions, make sure you consider whether or not the workflow of that platform is something that your people will:

  1. Love to work with and enjoy keeping current (sustainability)
  2. Integrates with your current workflow (beautiful, fast and efficient user interface)
  3. Consolidates a large number of tools – e.g. spreadsheets, word documents, Wiki pages, knowledge base, password tools, etc.
  4. Provides the requisite structure to force fields, but still allowing enough flexibility to prevent frustration

Just because a platform is integrated with ConnectWise doesn’t mean it will drive the outcomes you are looking for. Explore our platform by requesting a product demo, and we’d be happy to show you how we can deliver awesome outcomes for you and your team.