How can leveraging information help you perform better? How can it further your goal of becoming lean? Information is one of your most valuable assets in moving forward with the lean methodology. However, it’s often overlooked. In this edition of the Lean MSP, we’re going to take a small step backwards and try and look at how the information we’re subconsciously ignoring can actually help us reduce waste.

Work with your partners

You should be in regular communication with your partners. Use QBRs to facilitate two-way information feedback at a regular cadence. The more you know about your partners’ businesses, the more you’ll be able to see the areas where you can help them. Approach it like a doctor – they’ll tell you what pain points they’re feeling, and you’ll give them your diagnosis and map out a plan to eliminate those pain points using your service and product offerings. But it starts with listening because you can’t solve problems you don’t know about. Ask open-ended questions, rather than simply walking through a stock presentation.

Speak directly to the source

You’ve talked to your partners, now it’s time to talk to your staff. Going lean means needing to go to the source of the issue. What areas are in need of waste reduction? Have you talked to the people responsible for the processes in those areas? That’s exactly what you need to do. You can’t solve a problem from a distance, so move in closer, and get the information from where the source of the problem lives. The people who perform specific processes are the ones who are best equipped to identify areas of waste within them and also areas that are working well. They might also have their own ideas for solutions. Don’t forget that access to crucial information is sometimes as simple as walking across the office and asking a question.

Unlock the power of information

So you’ve gone to the source, you have all of this information, what are you going to do with it? That’s a great question. After all, information is power but not if it cannot be unlocked. When you receive valuable information, think about what you can do with it – identify and anticipate problems this way. Leveraging information provides you with a roadmap of the dos and don’ts moving forward – all you have to do is follow it.

Structuring your documentation well is exactly what will help you do this. All the information you’ve gathered, the processes that lead to waste reduction and the ones that lead to gains, can ultimately be documented at your fingertips using IT Glue. That information will be available even if those who supplied it are not. Leveraging information is not simply about obtaining it, but also how you manage it to achieve greater efficiency. If the information is hard to find, what good is it? If it’s well documented and at your fingertips, well then it becomes invaluable moving forward. If all the great information in your company is locked in the heads of a few people, it’s not nearly as valuable.

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