Imagine: business practices so efficient, you barely waste any time. Or money.

Of course, you may not be able to achieve this ideal perfectly, but by becoming a lean MSP, you can get one step closer. We’ve spent the past couple of weeks going over the core concepts of lean, the key wastes that are prevalent in MSPs, and the process for eliminating waste. The reality is that there is no magic bullet. To get lean requires a shift in organizational culture, and it requires making adjustments to your approach to business. Lean isn’t something you do for a few weeks and then you’re lean; rather, lean is a shift to an entirely new philosophy and methodology of business. One that just happens to be immensely profitable for process-driven service companies like MSPs. One of the key elements of lean is documentation.

When you break down the lean cycle, it’s not hard to see why documentation matters. You’re creating efficient processes, replicating them across the organization, and then searching for ways to improve them. Analysis of the types of waste makes it quite clear where documentation fits in.

Put information at your techs’ fingertips

Most tickets are routine, so getting to a point where your techs can solve routine tickets in the minimum amount of time requires having configurations, SOPs and passwords at their fingertips. IT Glue stores all of these, and the syncing process is largely automated. Our blistering-fast search and related items feature means that just about any information that is documented in IT Glue can be found within seconds.

Six Sigma – aim for a defect-free MSP

Syncing from your PSA and RMM means documentation is up-to-date. SOPs allow any tech to follow the best practices for dealing with a given type of problem. Create SOPs for the most common procedures first for some big, easy wins. Effective documentation means not only improving service speed, but accuracy as well. MSPs with great documentation almost never miss an SLA and they almost never make mistakes.  Seriously.

Teach a tech to fish

Teach your new techs how to find information and SOPs themselves. This way, they can build their skills more quickly by tapping into the documented knowledge of their co-workers and predecessors. Get rookies to 100% functionality faster. Have Tier 1s who work as well as Tier 3s. Get everybody working to the maximum potential. Best of all, your senior techs will end up spending less time onboarding your new hires, allowing them to focus on doing what they do best instead.


Document the most important things first. Start with your PSA, then do your RMM. Document your routine SOPs as soon as you can. There’s great value in dialling in your most-repeated processes. Don’t worry about processes you seldom use; focus on procedures where the greatest efficiency gains will be found.

Talk lean, think lean, be lean

Make lean thinking part of your organizational culture. If your team lives and breathes lean thinking, they will take initiative to eliminate defects and promote more efficient processes. Further, they are unlikely to fall back into bad habits. Organizations that embrace lean will continue to improve long after the easy gains have been made. We also have a great e-book that puts all of this Lean knowledge together in one place. Download it here.

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The IT Glue platform is aimed at eliminating time waste, by ensuring that the information you need has been documented, and is available at your fingertips when you need it. Since 2013, we have been helping IT service providers to reduce organizational waste, and enjoy virtually instant ROI. By leveraging lean philosophy, an MSP can optimize its revenue, minimize its costs, and deliver superior customer satisfaction.