We are thrilled to have the opportunity to help our friends over at Ruben’s Shoes in their mission to “give shoes, give education, give opportunity and give change”.

Ruben’s Shoes is a not-for-profit organization, based in Vancouver, BC. It is focused on making a positive change to children around the world with recent initiatives in both Africa and the Dominican Republic. The most recent mission in late 2015 involved the successful delivery of 13,766 pairs of shoes to Sierra Leone to be distributed among children in need.

When Ruben’s Shoes decided to launch another initiative this year to build a school in Sierra Leone, Africa, we felt it was a great opportunity to get involved; after all, what better way to execute on our core purpose of Freeing Minds™ than to actually provide the foundation for children to learn in.

We want to thank our friends over at Ruben’s Shoes for the opportunity to help out by buying a row of squares on their recent fundraising initiative, and help them with their awesome and inspiring mission to build a school in Africa.