December is truly one of the most memorable months in the calendar, filled with glorious traditions like drinking yourself silly at the company party, and browsing your family members’ Amazon wish lists before buying them other stuff anyway. And of course, every media outlet on the planet being stuffed with year-in-review posts and predictions for the coming year. What makes our predictions so special, then? For starters, ours are correct!

Actually, 2019 did unfold much the way we predicted it would. The MSP business had another strong year, vendor consolidation continued apace, and the most organized, mature MSPs got stronger. So what’s in store for the MSP space in 2020?

First we asked IT Glue’s General Manager Nadir Merchant for his take. He sees a shift away from just documenting and a pronounced emphasis on how documentation is being used to enhance MSP operations.

“I think we’ll see a much heavier focus on live information, augmented with manual documentation and SOPs. IT techs are going to start really looking at documentation as the hub for everything that they do, so information visualization and extraction will become substantially more important as documentation repositories continue to grow.”

Tom Sopwith, our Director of Partner Success, predicts ever-greater emphasis on security.

“This is the year where IT providers will perfect audited security processes that work on top of the foundational tools. The foundation includes software solutions, business continuity, credential management, enforced MFA, SSO, user training, cyber insurance and compliance. The process and audit demonstrates the active management of these tools to provide the best protection for the client.”

I concur – the cost to MSPs of cutting corners on security is just too high, and I see the trend of mature MSPs extending their competitive edge being a big theme again for the coming year. A mature MSP is more likely to offer better service at a lower price than an immature operation.

What’s more is that mature MSPs are starting to figure out sales and marketing – and this is on top of getting better word of mouth from happier clients. Put these two trends together and you have a recipe for the rich to get richer. We’re also going to see more MSPs sold, as many owners are heading towards retirement, and valuations are pretty high right now. Mature MSPs in a good position to absorb companies whose founders are retiring, and use their service expertise to impress. An MSP that has high maturity and a growth mindset should grow faster than any other type of MSP in 2020.

The short version of all this is that 2020 will bring is a continuation of the maturation process we’ve seen over the past several years. There’s so many MSPs that recognize the opportunity they have – it’s massive – and they’re taking the steps they feel are necessary to position for this opportunity. And security. But you knew that already.

What’s in your plans for 2020?

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