Mergers and acquisitions between MSPs are an operational challenge. People get moved around, SOPs and rules get tweaked, new systems are put in place and a whole lot more. To make things worse, it creates a need to migrate client documentation, which can get really complicated.

In some cases, you might be merging data between two instances, while in others, you may have to segment accounts into two or more isolated instances. Plus, importing and exporting data without losing the relationship between assets or version history can be tricky.

With a vision to make this transition smoother, we, at IT Glue, have rolled out a new feature called M&A Migration Support. This feature should help you save a ton of labor hours spent on recreating client data between IT Glue accounts, migrate data while maintaining the relationships between assets and their version history, and offer greater control over who has access to documentation.

Here’s a look at the steps involved in the M&A Migration Support process:

●  A discovery call to make sure we understand your needs

●  Pricing based on the number of migrations

●  Quick turnaround while the Glue Crew works their magic on the backend

●  An email to let you know when it’s done

Our M&A Migration Support is full-service, meaning we do the heavy lifting for you. By managing the complete migration process for you, we ensure you can make the transition as smoothly as possible without any disruptions.

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