Every MSP works a little bit differently, and in order for you to have the controls that you want, we’ve built out a new feature that will allow administrators to set security by asset type.

This new enhancement to our security access will allow account administrators to customize security access on a more sophisticated level than ever before. You can set group permissions and restrictions for each asset type in IT Glue – including your different flexible asset types – and if desired, prevent access to entire asset types for members of that group. This action can be done for each asset type in bulk.

Define Security Clearance

There are a few different scenarios where this will be handy. First, you can ensure that sensitive information is kept on a need-to-know basis. Think of it a bit like security clearance, but in reverse. The default setting is that everybody has clearance for all the information in IT Glue, but with asset type security access you can specifically remove this security clearance for any user group for any asset type.

Defined User Groups

You have the ability to define user groups any way you want. You build and populate user groups – even groups of one if necessary. You can create as many groups as you want, and then use those groups to exclude particular sets of users from viewing particular asset types.

As Simple or Complex as You Need

By putting the control in your hands, we allow you to set up security any way you need to. While we recommend simplicity, how you design your permissions is entirely up to you. The way this feature is designed, you can build up an incredibly complex security structure if you need to.

No Permissions Conflicts

Restrictions at the asset level will override individual record-level permissions. If a user has been restricted from a specific asset type, they will be restricted from all assets in the asset type, regardless of individual asset-level permissions. This means instead of having to change what could be hundreds of individual records, you only have to change the access on the asset type within a group, significantly simplifying the restriction process.

This animated gif shows you how the feature works. You first create the group to which you’ll apply the security access controls to. The next step is to select an organization. Within the organization, you can choose which asset types you wish to apply the change to. In this example, the group consists of all employees except the CEO and COO. We are then restricting access to the organization’s passwords to that group. This restricts access to passwords in the organization to only the COO and CEO.


All told, asset type security access control goes a long way to streamlining the process of setting restrictions, and puts you in control of who sees what.

For more details on how to use the asset type security access controls, please consult our Knowledge Base.

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