Every once in a while we have the pleasure of witnessing one of our partners create an awesome integration using our API. This sparked some interest; what if we had more of this? What if we could encourage the use of our API, for the benefit of your MSP, while also engaging in some friendly competition?

Back in September 2018, our VP, Product, Luis Giraldo, created quite the buzz by announcing at our annual user event that we’d be hosting an API contest. Whether you’ve been patiently awaiting its formation, or are just hearing about it for the first time right now, we’ve got the details to get you going.

The overview

We’re inviting IT Glue partners to create scripts and integrations using the IT Glue API, and then submit them into our competition via a Git Repository. All functional entries will, subject to inspection and approval of our Engineering team, be posted on GitHub for the benefit of all of our partners. The partner with the winning submission will be awarded $5,000 cash, and have their integration or script featured on our website, with a $1,000 and $500 Amazon gift card for second and third place respectively. Winners will be announced at GlueX in September.

Suggestions to get you started

What can you build? The opportunities are endless, but if you’re in search of a little inspiration we’ve put together a small list of ideas to get those brain juices flowing:

  • CRM integration
  • Sync of Sonic Wall GSM assets to IT Glue
  • DNS record integration with DNS providers

For more information including how to submit your integrations and the evaluation process, please check out the official API Contest page. You can also check out our handy Knowledge Base article for getting started with the IT Glue API. We hope you’re as excited as we are to see what kind of integrations you’ll create! So without further ado:

Ready, set, automate.

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